Lou Wai Lou
Restaurant Lou Wai Lou Restaurant was founded by Hong Ruitang in 1848, during the Qing Dynasty. Located by West Lake at 30 Gushan Road, it is renowned for serving traditional Hangzhou dishes and is a perfect place to view the West Lake scenery.
Dujinsheng Silk Brocade Museum
Du Jinsheng was a famous Chinese silk industrialist. He firstly established the Dujinsheng Silk Weaving Mill in 1922 at his home in Hangzhou’s Maojiabu Village. Since then, his name has come to represent the art and craft of silk brocade.
Longjing Imperial Tea Garden
This tea destination is situated at Lion Peak Hill (Shifengshan) in Longjing Village, the birthplace of West Lake Longjing tea. The garden possesses 18 ancient tea trees. Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong designated them exclusively for imperial use.
China National Silk Museum
Located at the foot of Yuhuangshan and south of West Lake, China’s first National Silk Museum was established in 1992 as the world’s largest specialized silk museum. The museum houses silk-related historical relics dating from the Neolithic era onward.
Xiaoying Alley Community
The historic Xiaoying Alley is near Hangzhou’s Mashi Street. Its residents became famous for their public hygiene work in the mid-20th century. In 1958, Mao Zedong, the founding leader of the People’s Republic of China, visited the community and praised their work.The Xiaoying Alley Community is renowned in China for taking the initiative in patriotic public health campaigns.
Our Roundtable – a TV Program
This television talkshow focuses on discussing issues of urban development and people’s livelihoods. The program invites scholars, citizens, entrepreneurs, media personnel, and government officials to engage in dialogue to reach common understanding on questions of urban governance, environmental protection, transportation, education, culture, and other topics.
Youth Activity Center
The “Do City” Youth and Children’s Development and Experience Center is located in the Hangzhou CBD. It is China’s first and Asia’s largest children’s educational experience venue. Here, children can choose their ideal job, experience real social activities, and learn how to achieve remuneration through work, which lays a cognitive foundation for future growth.
West Lake Smiling Volunteer Kiosk
In August 2010, the first volunteer-run tourist information and public service kiosk appeared at Hangzhou’s West Lake. The volunteers always have a smile on their faces, so the structure they work in is known to the public as the West Lake Smiling Volunteer Kiosk. It offers ten free items and services to visitors, including tourist maps, first-aid kits, sewing kits, umbrellas, and wheelchairs.